Homontowski Highlights

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1Thessalonians 5:24-25 “Faithful is He that calleth you, who also will do it. Brethren, pray for us.”

Dear Praying Friends,

We appreciate so much your prayers for us! Last year was a great year for Source of Light Canada, thank you again for holding us up before the throne of God in prayer.

Joe is still driving the school bus through the end of June, when school gets out for the summer. Continue to pray for safe trips back and forth to school.

Mailbox Club news: We have 669 active students to date. There were 4,068 lessons sent out and 2,756 corrected during the 2017 year. There were 168 certificates of completion given out last year. There were 295 emailed lessons and 5 salvation decisions. One hundred twenty nine Sugar Creek Gang books were sent out to contest winners. This past year, two families were awarded all 36 books in the series. There were 160 new students added in 2017.

Joe will be flying to Goshen, Indiana, in February to set up performance tracks for singing with the Gospel Echoes Trio, and then in July we will drive back to Goshen, Indiana where the trio will record vocals and produce CDs of the songs that they have been singing in the Canadian prisons. July will be busy as we will also be visiting two of our supporting churches and will attend a Homontowski family reunion. Please be praying for that busy month of travel.

Serving God in Canada,

Joe & Penny

Chickadee framed in frosty branches (taken winter 2017)

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